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Getting Away to Grow as a Landlord has Gotten Sooo Much Easier! 2017

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Thank you for your interest here, but we’ve moved ūüôā

Check us out at LandlordRetreat.com!


Check Out This Year’s Ship, The Oasis of the Seas! 2014

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Experience 7 Days of Fun, Learning and Luxury! 2014

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February 7TH ‚Äď 14TH, 2015

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas!

One of the Largest Cruise Ships in the World!

ship oasis seas

Good News! We are excited to announce that the 25th Annual MrLandlord.com Cruise Conference, sailing February 7th, 2015 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will take place on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas! Many of you have already responded letting us know how excited you are about this year’s unique ship and exotic ports of call including Nassau, Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, and Philipsburg, St. Maarten!¬†


Next year’s theme is To Be Announced, but last year’s theme was: Cruising Toward Creating HUGE CASH FLOW NOW! All workshops¬† will focus on how to create and greatly increase cash flow NOW, not in 5 or 10 years, but within the upcoming year.¬† Through smart, innovative, and effective management and investing strategies, this conference will help you fine tune your ideal real estate plan and create huge cash flows that will allow you to live your dream!


Read what attendees of our past Cruise say is the reason they join us year after year and why you should join join us¬† on the next Landlord Cruise Conference. What they have to say is far more compelling than anything we can say and after reading their reviews, it’s a good chance you will want to join us too!

“For me, I love cruising. You can’t get a better value for your vacation dollar, and to spend 7 days and nights of pleasurable business learning so makes it worthwhile. Great program, great learning, and fellowship with like-minded people. Get up close and personal with people who are already living the dream and who enjoy helping you get there.

Just think, You have until 60-70 days before sailing to pay for it.¬† A little at a time so you don’t really feel it. When it’s time to sail, it’s already paid for so you just enjoy. It includes your transportation (to the different ports), accommodations, gourmet meals (lobster and filet mignon at least one night), entertainment, and on the landlord cruise, education, networking and fellowship with wonderful like-minded people.¬† All of this on land would cost so much more.

The best time to cruise in my humble opinion is Nov. thru Jan. because you’re pretty much out of hurricane season by then and prices are way down.¬† Also because the temperature in the caribbean is about the same year ’round.¬† Good prices can still be found right now even though we are into peak season. I don’t know what Jeffrey, Dot, and Justin have in store for us on the Jan. 5, 2014 Landlord cruise yet but they haven’t disappointed us.¬† We’ve attended their last two cruise conferences and they were so great that we signed up for the next one before we got off the ship.¬† We plan to make this a yearly working vacation. Hope you and others here decide to join in this year!” —¬† Jam (AL)


“My wife and I have been on the landlord cruise every year since I think 2001. We had never been on a cruise before and weren’t sure we’d like it, but found it very relaxing on the one hand and very stimulating on the other (from the business side).¬† The relaxing side of the cruise has diminished slightly over the years now that cell phones work on the ship and you aren’t totally isolated, but we still take the opportunity to turn our phones off any maybe only check email once a day. We’ve heard lots of speakers over the years and bought a few courses here and there, but the true value of Jeffrey’s cruise is the company you keep.

There is a lot to be said for being contained on a ship all week with perhaps 100-200 other like minded individuals, many of which are successful multi-millionaires.¬† Sitting with these folks at lunch or by the pool and just chatting about what they’ve done right and what they’ve done wrong is the most valuable education I’ve ever gotten.¬† I’ve gotten enough advice and tips over the years, that the knowledge has more than paid for the cost of all the cruises combined.¬† We’ll be there again in 2014.”¬† — Dan (MA)


“We have been attending landlording cruises for the past 5 years I believe.¬† It is so true that it is the company and friends that you make! Valuable information and Jeff challenges you to make goals for the next year and go for it!¬† Also, from a legal standpoint, we have been able to make some very wise decisions regarding our business–learning to fully deduct what the IRS allows and save money and how to protect the assets you worked so hard for in the first place! Some day, I hope to bring my kids with me so they can see what wonderful people we meet!¬† It is somewhat relaxing, but it is business oriented and Jeff makes sure you get the most value for your dollar!”

— Lisa H. (PA)


“Two years ago was our first cruise with Mr.Landlord.com.¬† We left Jacksonville 2 days early and drove to New Orleans.¬† Spent the next day exploring a new city, then boarded and started mingling with other “like minded” individuals…Many of whom I now call friends. I’ve said it before, but many people know what we do…We own rental properties.¬† But no one understands what that means except other landlords.¬† On the cruise we were surrounded by 200+ landlords of varying sizes and locations.¬† Lots of great ideas I would have never thought of on my own.¬† This year we left out of Florida and once again spent a week with some really fun and smart people just like us.¬† Jeff always has top notch instructors, the food rocks, and the tropical destinations are great… We have designed our company to finally run for a short time without us (thank you dear Jesus) so I no longer worry about leaving for a week. In my personal opinion, anytime I can get to a MR. Landlord event I am going to go. I ALWAYS TAKE HOME NEW IDEAS THAT HELP IMPROVE/GROW MY BUSINESS….Can not wait until January 6th.¬† See ya on the high seas!” — Rob (FL)

Click here to read even MORE reviews!

As you can imagine, there is tremendous benefit (and fun) in attending this 7 day training/vacation combination with myself, other outstanding instructors and many millionaire landlord mentors in attendance. For example:

*You will learn money-making management tips, and wealth building, cash flow, tax and asset protection strategies by some of the most-sought after real estate instructors in the world.

*You will be able to participate in both formal and informal training sessions, plus dine with myself and other instructors in the restaurant where tables have been set aside just for our group.

*You will have the opportunity to network with millionaire landlords and investors from across the country!

*Plus the chance to get away from the busyness of life for an ENTIRE week and create a lifetime of fun and amazing memories while you and your family relax and play on a world class cruise ship in the warm and beautiful caribbean, complete with personalized service and all of the extra amenities you can imagine including all you can eat gourmet dining, state-of-the-art spas and fitness centers, seaside theater, live entertainment and more!

And there is so much more to come! We will be sharing a lot of BIG updates about what is sure to be an extraordinary cruise very soon so be sure to  subscribe to our RSS feed to be alerted to any new posts! You may also view the complete Cruise Itinerary and Pricing Information below:

Sailing Itinerary

Day Port *** Arrive Depart

Day 1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 5:00 PM Day 2 Nassau, Bahamas 7:00 AM 2:00 PM Day 3 Cruising Day 4 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas 10:00 AM 7:00 PM Day 5 Philipsburg, St. Maarten 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Day 6 Cruising Day 7 Cruising Day 8 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 6:15 AM

Interior Staterooms: Only $1299 per person

Ocean View Staterooms: Only $1399 per person

Private Balcony Staterooms: Only $1699 per person 

Starting prices above include conference, taxes, fees, and port charges.


Call now to get more details about the cruise, or to go ahead and reserve your cabin at 757-436-2606.



Send Me Cruise Updates


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Free Landlord Vacation Service!

You’ve been talking about joining us for years. ¬†Are you coming this year???
 Surprise your spouse or partner and  take a little time to enjoy life and the fruits of all your hard work.  Join us for a extraordinary cruise you will never forget.

  There is even a FREE Landlord Vacation Service now available to take care of your rentals while you are away.

‚ÄúThey handle all my tenant communication needs and got us back on track, increasing cash flow and reducing expenses!‚ÄĚ
  John, IL

Click here for info on the vacation service.

2015 Cruise Instructors 2012

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Jeffrey Taylor, C. P. L.

Senior editor of MRLANDLORD.com, Jeffrey has the kind of practical and creative information that greatly increases your bottom line. He serves as the host of the conference, and shares numerous money making management strategies as he hosts multiple training sessions. Many of you have heard him briefly at an association meeting. Here is your opportunity to interact with him for an entire week, in formal and informal training sessions and even at dinner sessions where landlords and cruise instructors dine together. If you have not heard Jeffrey, click to see comments of those who have.

During the cruise he will also lead landlording brainstorming sessions which is where the most innovative learning takes place as attendees share proven ideas from their wealth of experiences. This is one of the biggest benefits of these cruise conferences, the opportunity to brainstorm with other landlords and property managers over a seven day period (at numerous informal settings including at meals) who join us on the cruise. Attendees and successful rental owners from across the country share management tricks of the trade and key management strategies the special brainstorming sessions that are invaluable. We are going to squeeze every bit of landlording cash flow secrets from everyone who attends. We will also exchange favorite rental forms that we ask that you submit in advance so that we can have copies for all participants. There is a special Rental Forms Peer Critique/Exchange Session that continues to be an extremely valuable session.

The complete list of featured instructors for next year’s cruise has yet to be announced, But take a look at featured instructors from last year’s cruise–a few may even sail with us again! ūüėČ


Steve Cook

Steve Cook is a successful real estate investor whose deep faith and love of mentoring has called him to a life of teaching others how to improve their lives and secure financial freedom through real estate wholesaling and rehabbing.¬† Steve made the decision to stop borrowing money in 2006. This had a major impact on Steve’s real estate investing business which revolved around borrowing. ¬†At the time, Steve was $4.5 million in mortgage debt and decided to stop borrowing, cold turkey.

In order to continue investing, it wasn’t a matter of coming up with “no money down” techniques, that was easy. ¬†It was a matter of coming up with “no payment” techniques to investing. ¬†Steve came up with a 4-prong approach to investing without borrowing and incurring payments. ¬†Over the years he has helped others to develop similar business models. Steve will share how he has been able to continue investing without borrowing any money. ¬†He’ll teach you how you can end up with free and clear property without borrowing a nickel. The strategies that are shared are practical for today‚Äôs market. ¬†Steve will reveal concepts and strategies that can change your life!

Joseph NeilsonJoseph Neilson

Author and instructor Joseph Nielson teaches step-by-step instructions for a lifetime of PROFITS!

Joe is the author of one of the most popular books currently on the MrLandlord.com website. His book is titled BUY & RENT FORECLOSURES.

In 2005 Joe was 61, no job or pension, with Social Security still five years away. He needed steady monthly income NOW! Cash flow was the priority. He searched for a real opportunity, not a get-other-people-rich charade. Almost by chance, he bought a rental house…easily the best decision he ever made. Seven years and 62 houses later, he makes $22,000 a month and has $3 million in equity!

AnthonyCharaAnthony Chara

Anthony Chara is a seasoned real estate investor that has successful investing and property management experience dating back to 1993.  After 16 years working for a fortune 500 company and traveling extensively it was time for a change. Mr. Chara gave up his lucrative Area Manager position in which he managed 35 electronic technicians in 7 states and had a $3M budget so he could spend less time traveling and more time creating wealth for his family.  He started and sold several service-oriented companies until turning to Real Estate investing full time in 2001.

Mr. Chara turned to Apartments full time in 2004. He owns and/or has syndicated approximately 1300 apartment units around the country. These units range from 14 rentals in 1 complex in Oklahoma to 179 rentals in Indianapolis.  His most recent acquisitions include a 140 unit complex in Jackson, MS (July, 2010), a 120 unit complex in Nacogdoches, TX (November, 2011) and a 4-complex package totaling 410 units in Indianapolis, IN (December, 2012).

In 2005, Mr. Chara decided to capitalize on recent RE market trends to offer superior technical training to RE Investors specifically targeting commercial investing with an emphasis on Apartment complexes. ¬†Mr. Chara‚Äôs techniques teach people how to become wealthy ‚Äėdeliberately‚Äô using Apartments to generate massive cash flow and ‚Äėforced‚Äô appreciation. ¬†Having reviewed several other gurus in the marketplace that specialize in Apartments, he set out to design and implement the best quality Apartment Investing training in the market today.

Presently, he’s the managing partner of Apartment Mentors, LLC and founder of Success Classes, LLC.  He has owned or managed several successful multi-million dollar companies during the last 20+ years.  Mr. Chara owns properties in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas.  He has mentored several thousand aspiring RE investors.  Mr. Chara also volunteers and supports several worthy charities such as the American Red Cross, Denver Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity.

CALL¬†JUSTIN NOW — 1-800-950-2250 to go ahead and reserve your cabin.

For complete itinerary and ship highlights, call 1-800-950-2250.

Past Cruise Pictures! 2012

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Reasons to Join Us 2012

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That is a frequently ‚Äúthought‚ÄĚ question by frugal landlords.

And the answer is sure you could, if you booked a cruise outside of MrLandlord.com. But WOW, you would be MISSING OUT on FAR MORE than the relatively small amount of money you would be saving.

Let me take a moment now and clearly highlight a few of the valuable, and in most cases priceless, benefits you receive for those who do join us on the Landlord Cruise Conference.

  • You will receive 20+ hours of management and real estate training in a great learning environment.
  • You will receive $ 1,000 worth of bonus take home management courses and software.
  • Over 7 days you will have the opportunity to build relationships with millionaire landlords from all across the country in a setting you simply can not do otherwise. In fact, of the many benefits, participants have shared this has indeed been the most priceless lifetime benefit.
  • Connecting and building a relationship with Jeffrey Taylor, founder of MrLandlord.com. Did you know that once you attend a Cruise Conference, that Jeffrey Taylor and MrLandlord.com become ¬†part of your real estate success team, which allows you:
  • 1) Free admission (both you and a partner) to any future on-land trainings ands conventions that are sponsored by MrLandlord.com.
  • 2) 20% lifetime discount to any of the Courses, CDs, Books and Software offered on MrLandlord.com
  • 3) Favored and free access to a relationship with Jeffrey Taylor, founder of MrLandlord.com, as a mentor and coach. If you ever want to ask a question or bounce ideas off of Jeffrey, cruise alumni can simply email him. And Jeffrey has also been known to take extra time with cruise attendees he has gotten to know over the years when coming to their local area to teach or give a training. For example, Jeffrey was recently stopped by a cruise alumnus when he was in town to speak to the real estate association. Since the cruise alumnus had developed a friendship with Jeffrey, Jeffrey talked and shared ideas and tips one-on-one for about 20 minutes right before giving his full seminar to the association. On other occasions, when visiting an area to speak, Jeffrey and his wife Dot, has had lunch with cruise alumni. These are just examples of how Jeffrey has, and will, take additional time out for individuals he has been fortunate enough to build relationships with over a 7 day cruise conference. Like anything else, business is about relationships and building a relationship with real estate instructors, mentors and coaches, who you can email or talk to when facing a challenge or decision (and the mentor actually knows who you are) is something you simply can NOT put a price tag on.

So yes, you can go on a cruise, outside of the Landlord Cruise Conference and pay less. But that is ALL you will get is a cruise. Join me on the next Landlord Cruise Conference and get far more than just a cruise. Let‚Äôs build business relationships, (with myself and many other successful landlords) and receive valuable and priceless ‚Äúlifetime‚ÄĚ benefits that can add tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to your real estate success over the years.

Call 1-800-950-2250 to reserve your cabin or get more cruise details/information. Cruise Conference prices start at $1099. You can also click links top of the page for more info on where we’re going, the ship, cabins, etc.


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All of the following are included in this bonus package:
  1. One year subscription/extension of MR. LANDLORD newsletter subscription
  2. Landlording Boot Camp (All the Video DVDs from out Recent Two-Day Landlording Bootcamp featuring Jeffrey Taylor, founder of MrLandlord.com)  
  3. Policies, Programs & Procedures Manual with CD-ROM (Nearly 300 pages of dozens and dozens of procedures, Jeffrey utilizes to help him–and now you–rent properties effectively)¬†
  4. Updated Money Making Management Rental Forms
  5. Property Management Software
  6. Complete Set of CDs From Instructors who have taught on a Previous Cruise Conference YES, you read right, this is like getting all the information of TWO complete conferences for the price of one because we recorded several of the seminars and workshops from a previous cruise, and providing all those recorded sessions to this year’s attendees free of charge so that you will be able to hear and learn over and over from our most informative cruise instructors to date. And there will be more surprise bonuses!