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Cruise Reviews

Dear Mr and Mrs Taylor,
Your recent cruise seminar was great, excellent, enjoyable, educational, honest, rewarding, and profitable to me and my wife. I thank you for everything. The speakers were excellent. Your books are excellent….I placed a reservation for the next cruise.
— (Dan [CA])
I second that!!!
My wife and I gained a ton of useful ideas and have come back to Jacksonville and started to implement new policies and procedures. It has been a busy week…I rented 6 houses this week! 2 more are under construction and we have 3 that came rent ready during December which was dead in Jax….100 houses rented out of 105 ( with the 5 either still under construction from a recent purchase and the other 3 freshly renovated from a recent purchase)…CRUISING TOWARDS FREEDOM And I think I have # 106 under contract..just waiting on a call from the listing agent. Can’t wait for next years cruise!
—  (JaxRob [FL])
Hey Jeffrey, Thanks for a great time on the cruise. I learned a ton, met some great people, had a blast and am looking forward to going next year.
— (Lee [UT])

Dear Jeff and Dot,

Thanks for organizing a great cruise in 2011.  I look forward to…next year–I have already signed up!  I love New Orleans! 

   — (Nancy [CO])

This was our 9th cruise with Jeff and Dot, six of them the past 6 years and every year we come back with new ideas, new goals, a renewed excitement. We so enjoy meeting new landlords and reuniting with great people we consider friends now. We enjoyed the ping pong tournament, but Ron thinks we should have a bean bag tournament next. We so appreciate Jeff and Dot’s professionalism in all they do and their obvious respect they have for all. We had a blast at the ports of call. Can’t wait until next year!!

(Ron and Margie [IA])

The information I received on the cruise was so valuable. After returning home on Monday, I have spent the last several days reviewing notes, sharing notes and insights with new “Landlord” friends, listening to all of the bonus CDs, reading books from some of the best RE speakers I have heard and solidifying how I am going to apply some of these gems in the coming months. What an amazing consultation at sea! Thank you  

(Laurie [VA])

We returned on Tuesday from the 20th Annual Cruise Conference after staying a couple of days in South Beach and boy did we have a great time on the cruise. The fact that Jeffrey and the speakers presentations were all relating to “todays real estate environment” made it so worthwhile. And to add on to the great networking and group learning experiences topped with a gorgeous ship and ports of calls made it an exceptional trip. January 2011 won’t come quick enough for the next cruise. A great value for what we received. Thanks!!

(Natasha [MD])

I have had the pleasure of attending six of the cruises. I can tell you each and every one has been a learning and fun experience. I have yet to meet anyone who has not learned a tip or two that pays for the cruise in the coming year. We have met and made some great friends with many over the years, some across the country and some just around the corner, many we stay in touch with today.
You will learn from some of the best speakers in the business, and they stick around for round tables at night too. In fact they are usually onboard all week and happy to answer questions. You will meet folks just like you and learn from them too. At the dinner table or on a sightseeing side trip, you never know what will come from the next conversation. All that in a fun relaxed setting and you will recieve a special report on how it’s all tax deductable. Believe me it will be money very well spent in terms of getting the education to take your business to the next level. To top it all off did I mention FUN, FUN, FUN! Call Janis now so you won’t miss it!

(David [FL])

I have been on the Mr. Landlord cruise for the past 15 or 16 years. Every year I come away with new information that has helped me in my business. It is well worth your time to take the cruise if you can make it. You will meet new friends, get lots of information, and have a good time.

(Bill [FL])

I’ve been going every year for the past 9 years or so. It has always proved to be worth the money for me. It only takes one great idea or money saving tip to pay for the cost of the cruise and such tips are easy to find when 100 or so landlords and several speakers all socialize with each other for a solid week.
This past year was really a great conference in every respect. The ship was great. The ports were fun and we always enjoy exploring the islands and running into fellow landlords from the cruise. The group attending the conference was great as were the speakers. Every year, I learn a little something that definitely pushes me further ahead on the road to success.

(Dan [MA])

Susan and I had a great time on the December 2007 cruise and cannot wait for the January 2009 cruise. You can not believe what you have done to assist us in making the transition to the next level with our rental business.

(Keith [IA])

Your cruise was probably the best-spent vacation and business experience that I have ever had. I grew up in the real estate business, and both of my now-deceased parents and I have been/are real estate brokers and professional landlords. I am also a real estate attorney. I truly had a wonderful time on your cruise, and hope that my schedule will permit attendance at a future cruise. Great programs, great ship, great value, great people. A MUST DO!!

(Howard Hyman, Esquire [PA])

My husband and I just got back from the Mrlandlord cruise. It was our first experience attending a Mrlandlord event and it was absolutely fantastic!! We learned so much valuable information from all of the wonderful speakers. I cannot wait to start using the new information that we gained. We also met a lot of wonderful landlords. We are so glad that we attended the cruise. Thank you Jeff Taylor for doing such a great job!! We look forward to seeing you at another event soon!!

(A. R. [ID])

We went on the cruise; it was great after dealing with tenets all year. We were the most relaxed we’d been in years, and it felt good to be around people that are trying to make their money grow as we are.

(Debbie Fuqua [MI])

Jeffrey and Dot, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for putting together an outstanding cruise. I definitely learned a lot. My father-in-law also had a fantastic time. I would like to add that the cruise experience continues to get better and better. I can see the difference from the first one I took in 1996. I can see the organization of the classes are much more detailed,…. the late night round tables and the morning Q & A brainstorming classes are very informative….the nice gifts placed in our room…..the bonus materials….the graduation reception…all add up to an excellent educational experience at a tremendous value. I would like to say thanks for allowing me to be a part of your success team. I am wholeheartedly recommending to all the landlords I know that your cruise is a must for them. And I hope to be able to take many more cruises with you.

(Curt [GA])

My husband and I attended the Landlord Cruise to the Bahamas a few years ago…..it was wonderful!! We were fairly new to the landlording business and needed all the information we could get. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor are excellent speakers and we highly recommend attending, whether you are just getting started or been in the business for years. It was really interesting meeting other landlords and sharing stories and ideas. We purchased a bonus pack of information to bring home and study……it’s been money well spent. So if you have the opportunity to go……we say go for it….you won’t be disappointed.

(Ginny [OH])

I was on the 2001 cruise and loved it so much that I paid my deposit for the 2002 cruise before leaving the ship. Then, since the 2002 cruise was even better than the 2001 cruise … I paid my deposit for the 2003 cruise before getting off of the ship on the 2002 cruise.

(Aldo [WI])

The cruise was a very enlightening experience for us (me and my wife). We got a chance to combine my workaholic appetite with her enthusiasm for travel. Since the cruise, we’ve utilized information introduced there to acquire other properties already and improve our tenant retention. We signed up for the 2002 cruise, before we left the boat. You should too…

(Erik [Pennsylvania])

This is a follow-up to my earlier message that I posted 8 months ago shortly after attending last year’s cruise. At that time, I “anticipated” that the ideas I received from the cruise would pay for the cruise many times over. I’m glad to report now as a follow-up that the ideas from last year’s cruise have indeed already repaid me for the cruise and paid for this year’s cruise. Great ideas = real money!

(Dan [MA])



1. Janis Baker - 2010

Hi Jeff,

Don’t forget to remind everyone that the price has dropped. It now starts at only $999 per person including the taxes and the seminar!!!

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